/home/gigerk/eth/sa2/libxpsh-0.0.1/libxpsh/xpsh_adaptor.c File Reference

#include "xpsh_adaptor.h"


void loadAdaptors ()
 loads all adaptors
adaptornewAdaptor (char *line, adaptor *prev_ad)
 loads a new adaptor from file
void unloadAdaptors (void)
 unloads the shared adaptor libraries
int adaptorsLoaded (void)
 returns the value of the adaptor_loaded variable
adaptorgetFirstAdaptor (void)
 returns the first adaptor in the linked list of all adaptors
void declareAdaptorNamespaces (QueryContext Q)
 declares the namespaces defined in the adaptors

Detailed Description

Kaspar Giger

Function Documentation

int adaptorsLoaded void   ) 

returns true if the adaptors are already loaded

1 if the adaptors are already loaded, otherwise 0

void declareAdaptorNamespaces QueryContext  Q  ) 

each adaptor can define a namespace (whether it uses that namespace or not).

Q the SXP QueryContext

adaptor* getFirstAdaptor void   ) 

the first adaptor

void loadAdaptors void   ) 

the configuration file is first searched in the home-directory of the user ( ~/.xpsh ) then system-wide ( /etc/xpsh ).

adaptor* newAdaptor char *  line,
adaptor prev_ad

line the input line from the configuration file
prev_ad the previous adaptor struct (used for the linked list)
the new created adaptor

void unloadAdaptors void   ) 

the shared libraries of the adaptors are loaded with the dlopen command, this is why the have to be unloaded at the end of the program

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